all over the place. just like life. pretty much.

free pete rose!

the tv is tuned to the mlb network.  that’d be major league baseball, case you should happen to be, like, a foreigner, or somethin’.  they just ran a little collection of film clips of players in great moments in the games history.  of course there was a pete rose clip.  well, there’d have to be.

ok, so  he lied about gambling.  big friggin’ deal.  he never threw a game, or a run, or an out.  he played baseball.  real damn good.  he is baseball.  so, ok, he’s an asshole.  so was ty cobb.  and a few others.

as long as pete rose isn’t in the major league baseball hall of fame, the major league baseball hall of fame is meaningless.   major league baseball hall o’ doggie poo.  ‘sall there is to it.

course, yeah, he’s ugly too, there’s that.  so was ty cobb.  and a few others.  but what i said, i said.  so there ya go.



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