all over the place. just like life. pretty much.

been long enuf now it seems (seems) safe to say

bob and heidi left a week ago.  i’m still here.  sometimes bein’ wrong is pretty much ok.  along w the good stuff, however, can’t seem to get rid of those damned zombies.  though i’ve set a little bit of common sense and self containment and control into the (mind? is that the right concept here?)  of one of the everdrunk zombies.  can’t, however, seem to gain any success re the tooth grinder who also, quite frighteningly, imagines that she can sing.                                                                                            anyway,  i’m still here.  at least, seems so.


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zombies totally suck.

sorry. but thanks for listening. it helps a bit.

i’ll try this again 2moro. maybe they’ll all dry up by then and blow away. or at least sober up. i’d say, maybe, grow up, but no, that’s way too much to ever expect from this bunch.

zombies totally suck.

bob, however, is an eternally cool dude.

bobtbd9250.jpg bobtbd9252.jpg

even needing color correction. i can see that, can’t see well enuf to fix it. maybe later. g’nitie.

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