all over the place. just like life. pretty much.

i’m sick and tired

well, actually, the second is a symptom of the first. maybe better later. maybe.

meantime, here’s henri duparc, someone everyone should know about. that’s a clue.

these are 175×175 pixel squares

pctkimmioktbdsq883.jpg bluishbirdtbdsq6567.jpg pctkimmitbdsq884.jpg

let’s see what this hinky software does w that.


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tiny buggers


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anyone wanting a last nostalgic look at flog the drivel should grab the chance now.  not sure why you might want to but, anyway, it’s reached the end of its sorry life.  there is no money, so no hosting so,…  few  more days.

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in the las vegas wash

with words later. maybe.



peace. that’s for sure.

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where to begin?

how much to include? how long before the net connection goes down again? well, let’s get this loaded. we’ll talk about it somewhere down the page.


so yeah, i’ve been out and about. some. wise or not. i followed the advice of vegas rex and went over to the strip to experience the big elvis show. took 3 tries to get there on a show day (m-th) at close to the right time (3pm.) there’s also a performance at 5pm, but that would keep me out too late. under current kimmi conditions.

hah! now no net connection, so no way to save, so we’ll come back to this later. sometime.

so. that was wednesday. between then and 5 hours ago i prolly had a massive, oh, maybe 20 minutes connected. maybe 22. now i’ve checked and caught up on a few things but it’s 1am saturday and i still have these body problems and i’m tired and whatever, if you know what i mean. or not, really, so, here’s this just to say, i am (i am! remember me? yeah, ol’ whatsishead, still poppin’ up now ‘n’ then, like yer annual groundhog oe somethin’, oop, there he goes now, prolly be back soon, might even have somethin’ of interest to say or show.


could happen.)

ah, the foto is outside barbary coast. big elvis was inside. flamingo is next door. if you’re gonna throw away money in slots, flamingo seems a pleasant place to do that. paris, las wegas, is up the block. i intend to never set foot inside the place again. 37 words on why that is, but not tonight. remind me later.

be peaceful, peaceable. peacelike. just be peace. please. cool. thank you. g’nitie.

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i’m not overly fond of

this blog meme thing, but when natalie requests, i do my little best. so. five things you may not know about me.

? well, that could be almost any and everything about me. but let’s see if we can find some positives. eventually.

1 i don’t like beer. at all. neither taste nor smell. don’t wanna look at it either.

2 much of my teen life was lived in rural michigan. there were trees. and shotguns. we ate a lot of squirrel. in season. not the brains, that’s different. and dangerous.

3 i’ve always been attracted to tree climbing. still look at trees and think about going up. but my last effort was in 1993. going up is fun. sometimes i don’t come down with the greatest grace. that’s been an occasional problem since childhood. now it would be a certainty.

4 i drove a taxi, briefly, in seattle.

5 i have a certificate in computer programming, courtesy of the state of michigan and ibm.

ooh, ooh, and i’m seriously, well, ok, kinda seriously best i can, workin’ on settin’ up a real wordpress thingy at kimvox.com, might happen soon and then i can maybe pull together the seemingly lost cause that was the drivel forum. or…

my back seems to be improving a bit, most days. and we’re having warm sunny days. 2moro morning will tell if i walked too much today. 2moro morning will be here soon. so, g’nitie.

peace be.

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it’ll get better. always does.

meantime, mediocre (mediogre?) fotos.

sandstone, state rock and mandatory landscaping element. like as if they’re trying to use it all up.


this might be an acceptable place to mention that i have been plagued blessed with the isp from hell montreal. i thought they might have fixed their stuff, but we just had a couple minutes of major glitch. ah,well, so. grackle. grackle. inna tree.


fried brain. but i’m fresh out of fresh self portraits. g’nite. peace, etcetera.

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to everything there is a season

a time to push, a time to be pushed. a time to pull, a time to be pulled. a time to sit back and wait for yer shit to get its own self together, if it will, cuz sometimes that’s really the most one can do.


ya know, i thought awhile ago i had that figured out, the posting from flickr thing. maybe not. my brain is major fuzz. but my back is feeling a bit better. a bit. and yes, this should all prolly be done as diary. i think that may have been the plan. whatever. just maintaining a little momentum, ok? may take awhile, but we’ll get it together here. pretty soon. really. here’s a bird.

edit, some other day. i don’t understand why people who write these programs think that every fucking foto has to be clickable and take the reader someplace else. anyway, if/when my brain comes home i’ll work on fixing that foolishness. meantime, edited for more peace too. stay cool. me too. kim 012107


meantime, allatime, as ever, peace. you know you want it. now.

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this is a test. did i say that before?

well, it is. i’m not at all comfortable with wp dot com. intention was, and is, to use wordpress for the daily whatever at kimvox. may get around to that. likely, sooner, when working w this interface becomes familiar i’ll move it over to kimvox and go from there.

meantime, hi. blogger sucks. did i mention that? it’s broken,maybe the past nearly 4 years will remain in place over there, maybe not. but we carry on in peace. for now, we do it from here.

so,like, health care in nevada? scary! so far. mostly. i went to the local urgent care place on december 23, cuz it seemed past time to do something about my aching back. they didn’t do anything, but i did get set up with an appointment to establish a working primary care physician setup, on january 4.

december 29 back to urgent care. this time they allowed me a steroid injection in the hip. and took some cash. pain eased a bit and range of motion increased a bit over the next few days. til january 4. the expected new physician decided i was having or about to have a massive heart attack. (i was there, in part, to get effective blood pressure meds.) he wouldn’t hear anything about my real issues. must rush me off to hospital to save my life. oh, after collecting from me some cash.

so, ok, go to hospital, have my life saved in a timely manner, get meds for bp and the back probs. i can do that. whatever. long, long ambulance ride way across town to university medical center (umc). if you happen to live in vegas the rest prolly won’t surprise you. surprised me. 22 hours on a gurney in er, no pain relief of any sort. couple pills that were supposed to lower my blood pressure though noone eexplained how they were supposed to do that against increasing pain and stress. so went thursday evening, friday before noon i left, against medical advice, or whatever they call it. it was a bit difficult to understand exactly all the er doc was angrily spitting out. he did agree though, after repeated requests, to write me some effective bp meds. much better now on that issue. but no effective addressing of the back concerns. he gave me a script for percocet, pain relief, yes, but not as effective as the aspirin/codeine i already have, and no clues about how to actually fix whatever.

oh, yeah, also, thursday’s high temp was like high 50’s or low 60’s. friday’s high was 20 degrees cooler. i was dressed for thursday. and about 12 miles from my car. tried to do it by bus, but between pain and fatigue and hunger and bein’ still kinda new here, i missed my stop. multiple times. but, eventually, i managed to taxi to my car, (tipped excessively, i’m sure), and drove home. got the bp down but pain and disfunction increaaed daily.

so. yesterday, when we reached the level of distress immediatey preceeding the inability to drive, i drove 3.5 miles down the road to desert springs hospital er. nice people. really. caring people. efficient people. massive amounts of dilauded in the butt (muscle). massive decrease in pain, which of course makes the remainder so much easier to deal with. appropriate meds (muscle relaxers) to followup. and reminders that lots of bed rest is good. which reminds me.


that’s a not very good foto of a great-tailed grackle and some wet rocks. can you say grackle? fun, innit?

so anyway, it’s way late, bed rest is way overdue, i’m not sure this is gonna post right b ut we’ll just do it and see ang go from theree, ok?

peace be all upon ya. cuz it’s cool. and proper.

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what’s this here do?


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