all over the place. just like life. pretty much.

not the intended subject

but best we can do right now, and we must do something, and this matter needs,,,(these matters need. i’m feeling momentarily optimistic re output) expression.

i’m moving. in several ways. and hoping it’s not too late. first, beginning next monday, june 23, i’m leaving this house of drunken zombie horrors, trading big space and tiled floors and a yard (garden, i gather, is the brit/euro term. and it’s not near ready to be called ‘lawn”) for a small quad unit (private bed and bath with a shared kitchen/dining/living space). i;ve met 2 of the 3 old folks (“seniors” living cpmplex) who ill be sharing with. well. anyway. private bedroom. and real cable, though i’ll have to pay for it. and i’ll prolly be without net access of any kind for a few days. um, or not. maybe. i just remembered there is a puter over there, in the common room. with net access. soooo,…maybe. depends, maybe, on whether i have brain access, been pretty irregular lately.

wo!!! i’ve been in break mode for, oh, prolly an hour now. tryin’ to solve some other probs. i’ll explain the asronishment later. …(later)…hah!!! way much later. like, 2moro.

hokay, not sure when i started this. seems it might have beeen thursday. now it’s monday. the 23rsed and progrewss iis not being smooth abd swift a1nd if i wait for things, including thhe thung that brings words to the surface, to be right this will never get done,. or it’lll take s a rea3l long time,

and i decidef i; gonna quit corrredting typping mistakes ‘cos it takes too lonkahg. and plous also , it shows some of what’s going on, thr’e 09almost all results oh finger spaz, which should get bettet thry the day. should. anyway. postingthis now, back lareer w correctiopn or additions.


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