all over the place. just like life. pretty much.

i had somethin’ real witty to put in here, no, no, really

not like all those other times when i said i had had but i really never had i had a real good bit but i don’t got it no more. no wait, relax. trust me, this is hurting me a lot more than it’s hurting you. so we’ll just note that in a few hours i’ll be getting another of those steroid (not that kind of steroid, the good stuff, like cortisone but they don’t seen to use the basic old fashioned cortisone any more. has something to do with sales and profit and such i think. pretty sure. still, should work pretty well. eventually. remember, we’re trying to stabilize (for awhile ) a degenerative disease condition that’s been working for half a century. three treatments over two months doesn’t seem like too much. to me. doesn’t seem

not all that impressed w wordpress. it’s prolly mutual, yes.

yes, we had rain. and grass seeding and the sprinkler system repaired (sort of) and turned on and truly lame excuses made about why the sprinklers were off for two years and whythe rose trees whose skeletal remains you could almost see if this were a decent image. ah well. maybe 2moro. decent image. maybe, we’ll see. or.


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