all over the place. just like life. pretty much.

a funny thing happened on my way to the trainwreck.

maybe 2moro. for now i’m tired and spaced. here, try these.


panchovilla9367_200wide.jpg bobnortimtbd9136.jpg

anyway, said trainwreck seems to have been cancelled. so it sometimes goes. g’nitie.


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dances with treetops, part one

might edit some of this stuff one of these days. might. that was sorta in the plan. sorta.

also might repost this, from elsewhere. youtube conversion really ate it up bad. sucky sucky, youtube. almost zombielike.

anyway, is’s way latish, nitie, for now.

nex’ day, late.

ok, so i left the youtube disaster and added a clearer file from blip.tv. with advertising, yes, we’ll see how if that works. lemme know if either video fails to load, or if they take forever and beyond, please.

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zombies totally suck.

sorry. but thanks for listening. it helps a bit.

i’ll try this again 2moro. maybe they’ll all dry up by then and blow away. or at least sober up. i’d say, maybe, grow up, but no, that’s way too much to ever expect from this bunch.

zombies totally suck.

bob, however, is an eternally cool dude.

bobtbd9250.jpg bobtbd9252.jpg

even needing color correction. i can see that, can’t see well enuf to fix it. maybe later. g’nitie.

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happy whatchacallit

kimmitbdish9329.jpg bobtbd9315.jpg

thingi. ism. more on which later. sometime. stay tuned.


not out, that didn’ work all that well, did it?

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