all over the place. just like life. pretty much.

forgive me father mother sister brother lover teacher

sweet pal o’ mine, for I have sinned. ‘course, like, who hasn’t, eh? name o’ the friggin’ game. but I do have a personal history that involves forgetting my place in the universe more often, thru more decades, than most reasonable folks can claim.  each time, when focus returns, I’m a little ahead of, a bit more knowledgeable than when I got distracted.  and I maintain for awhile, manage to follow this not all that rigorous religious-like path, reaping little rewards, celebrating those, until…  until, you know, as ever, comes the distraction, and the desperate forgetting.  usually has something to do with the coochie.  usually.  pretty much always.  my god, the coochie told me so herself, once.  and i proceeded to.  of course.

not makin’ much, if any, sense so far, is it?  would you like a visual of some sort break up the motionless ramble?  me too.

hummer humming

above, yes, we’ve seen this before.  still a bad foto.  oh well.   below, during the hot days of summer they spent much time up there in the shade (more shady than appears)  gaily chirping between occasional mad passionate couples flight.

hummer resting

pretty sure I saw a fledgeling from one nest.  once.  tee(ee)ny tiny.


ok, this has prolly been sitting around as draft going nowhere for long enuf.  you think?  time to post it or toss it and move on to now.  so…post. for whatever it’s worth.  we’ll be back in a quick bit then, with something completely different pretty much the same, except…  well, whatever, stay happy.


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might. be. the last. time. i don’t know.

well, for awhile. maybe. i dunno. heidi, said they’ll prolly take down the network 2moro morning, in prep for packing everything (pretty much) away prep for leaving (sigh and all like that) sunday morning. sucky. there is so much to be said and i’m feelin’ like almost able to say some of it and… then agin, some might say some things are better best left unsaid, unimagined even. i think this is gonna be good when it gets around to gettin’ itself done,and maybe it shouldn’t be mentioned at this stage but, ya know, when yer not doin anything, the temptation to point to even weak ideas that you’ve almost made a beginning with can be…um…rather strong. anyway, i think this is a strong idea, it’s been on hold, lounging in my brain, undiscussed for a long time, so, i got this little bit of a beginning, if ya’d care to scamper over and make any sort of comment (including wthf if that’s what it inspires)… …where was i?


oh, yeah, ok, so i was gonna comment, w link to, a nyt article about one of the hotel-casino companies spending huge amounts of money buying new york city art for one of their ridiculous new properties. the article seemed to based on the twin idiot assumptions that there are no working artists (of international stature) in las vegas (no, i mean artist as in artist, ya know? not michael and celine.) what? oh, right. the other idiot assumption bein’ that this town is driven by, centered on, the strip. lol. so to speak. las vegas is driven by, centered on, walmart. just like the rest of america. the world, you say? whatever. it was a totally dumbass article. about a totally dumbass company and some totally dumbass ideas about art. hey, don’t blame me, ok. i loaned bill buckley my vocabulary decades ago, and now he’s died without returning it. cripers



whatever. more, i s’pose, whenever. should ya visit the above linked kitteh, yes, the survey is serious. sorta. responses ‘preciated. g’nitie. see ya soonish.

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sucky but true

i figured out where my free, unsecured wireless network, internet connection is coming from. shoulda guessed it really. it’s, of course, the house to my left as i sit here, next house north. real nice people. and they don’t have any objection to the free ride i’ve received since june. they like me a lot. in fact, they’re gonna give me lotsa good stuff when they move out. saturday. maybe friday.


we’re pretty sure that those good things won’t include their internet connection, but, we’re lookin’ at the possibility. probability is tho, i’ll not be around here much, if at all, for maybe months. hope y’all don’t totally forget me. i’ll try, of course, to make frequent visits to the public library public wi-fi. and maybe we’ll be blessed with another open network moving in next door. maybe. who knows? (ceiling cat knows.)

all of which leaves major bits of catch up which will prolly never get. caught up. likethe long story behind the cancelled 24 hour eeg. somebody broke the machine. just before my scheduled date. so we did a simpler short eeg at the neuro office, instead of sending me out to ride home on the public transportation. and back the next day. considering the reality of the other regular riders, i might well have gone unnoticed anyway.


anyway. oh! hailstorm. as it were.


no, really. ok, you had to be there. it was comin’ down like, well, um, it was pretty exciting. in the moment, plummetting down all around like that. anyway. the snow swirl, separate event days later, or earlier maybe, was heavier, woulda made a good way short movie, but i was hurryin’ for the bus, late, i thought, for an appointment. and cold. maybe next year. maybe. there’s always, of course, tim.


i ‘xplained that right, about the name change? (s). well, anyway, it’s short and easy. all male grackles are now named tim. altho the tim formerly known as bob may be bob again soon. like next weel. prolly. hope i’m here, in webspace, to re’xplain. oh, and pancho is now and evermore miro. no change foreseen there he’s healing.


but then, what else would you expect, from a cat. you notice yet how i have nothing really to say? just so much blather. i am the very model of a modern major media dude. why am i, then, unknown?

blather and twaddle. plus also, it’s way way late and tomorrow (really, now, later today) i have appointment @ the pain clinic, for, i think, precision cortisone injection(s) to unpinch the major nerves runnin’ into/out of, the spinal area. this could be way good and more. we’ll see. g’nitie.

oh, hey, wait. i was gonna mention how like this is 7 weeks without smoking. i don’t miss the cigarette the smoke, the nicotine, at all. though they were good, while they were, and i have no regrets about, you know, what i did when i did it. sometimes though, i miss the process. little bit. nothin’ to worry ’bout, this too shall pass. jus’ thought i’d mention. 7 weeks. …. so, ok, nitie ag’in.





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a funny thing happened on my way to the trainwreck.

maybe 2moro. for now i’m tired and spaced. here, try these.


panchovilla9367_200wide.jpg bobnortimtbd9136.jpg

anyway, said trainwreck seems to have been cancelled. so it sometimes goes. g’nitie.

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zombies totally suck.

sorry. but thanks for listening. it helps a bit.

i’ll try this again 2moro. maybe they’ll all dry up by then and blow away. or at least sober up. i’d say, maybe, grow up, but no, that’s way too much to ever expect from this bunch.

zombies totally suck.

bob, however, is an eternally cool dude.

bobtbd9250.jpg bobtbd9252.jpg

even needing color correction. i can see that, can’t see well enuf to fix it. maybe later. g’nitie.

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happy whatchacallit

kimmitbdish9329.jpg bobtbd9315.jpg

thingi. ism. more on which later. sometime. stay tuned.


not out, that didn’ work all that well, did it?

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i woke up this morning

which is good, of course. and pretty much according to plan. wasn’t all thrilled about the sensations my body was experiencing at that time though. you know how nerves are, right? they don’t care about body reality, when they get confused, or annoyed, they make the body, experienced as pain, fit their definition. they can make a thumb 20, 30, 40 feet long.

or they can make a leg, hip to big toe tip, 18 inches long, and being pulled shorter. very effective wake up call, but hard to stand on. harder to walk on. but i’ve had practice, so… only needed about an hour to sorta normalize that. and only needed about 12 hours of awakeness to get to this point of thinking i could put together enuf words that appeared as if they might actually belong in the same sequences to make a readable informative post here about this day and these days and the days to come and their accompanying activities, but…

did i mention the zombies? maybe not here before, eh. ok. i live with zombies. somewhat sucks, but at least they come with walls, and a roof, and running water, etc. so, not so totally bad. still, zombies are zombies. they live by consuming the energy of humans. today the zombies have been drinking. causes them to consume energy at a way increased rate. ‘s’ok. i shall be released. eventually. ok, take a break. randomish.


um, ok, break time here too really. big day tomorrow, which is actually today. i mentioned back a bit about the new doc and the specialist referrals. gotta be at the neuro place in 12 hours. cardiologist is next week and the spine guy at beginning of january. so, um, …what. i dunno. sleep on it maybe.

the zombies have passed out. big relief that. but they’ll prolly be back at it early morning, so…


panchotbd6155.jpg widowtbd8021framit.jpg

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screwed up day

but it’s done now


and the new day, of course, is bound to be better. bound to be. that’s why we have them. or, sumthin’ like that. fairly similar.

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bob on a branch, briefly

been a bit breezy here lately.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=541556&dest=-1]


bob on a quest. if you’ve been around me for awhile, i’m sure you’ll recognize the concept.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=541563&dest=-1]


and 1 (one) more thought thingi.


something to sleep on, so to speak.

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eats like a bird

which begins to explain where the cat food was goin’ so fast.


bob is a great-tailed grackle dude. he has family, but seems to enjoy a little time w the boys, hangin’ w me n pancho. and food bits, of course.

leaves are variable. they’re losing green, and falling, but slowly. should speed up soon tho, nights are gettin’ cold. like, near freezing already.


just a thought. … saw a/seen by a new doc today. this one may be a keeper. may be. she’s promised the (finally!) referral to rheumatologist, so i can get some serious relief w the arthritis stuff. and one to neurologist. and cardiologist. and the one she was most way concerned with, which means i’m prolly gonna have to make the decision soon about back surgery or not. she seemed to think that walking is a very short term thing without it. but, she’s young. walking has been a rare experience so far this year, but i don’t expect to give it up any time soon.

whatever. i’m gonna sleep on it all. g’nitie.

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