all over the place. just like life. pretty much.

life is way much cooler and more fun when you

don’t gotta pee real real right now.

‘fya know what i mean. now we got that outta the way, check back soon, i think there’s somethin’ ’round here somewhere that we can call content and post.





i dunno, check back 2moro.. um, uh, please. thanks.

oh, wait, i forgot. it snowed this afternoon.  no, no fotos.  sorry.  and it’s late now, i should be in bed, but i’ll come back here 2moro and post an image from the hailstorm.  no, really.  last week.  well, sorta.


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maybe this’ll lure pablo back

right here in tree city.


or this natural bug in a tree.


or me in front of a tree.


not sure what’s w the right eye there, but i don’t feel evil. well, no more than usual.

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well, i really dunno, ya know? no, no,



just another rainy day in the desert. ok, not rainy rainy. in the past 2 days the rain i’ve experienced has prolly totaled about, oh, say, 37 drops. more or less. but they’ve been mostly fully cloudy days, with relative humidity ranging up to 50%. um, little more than, even. but this is coupled with temperature drops. didn’t even hit 100 today,and last night’s low was 76. hadn’t been that cold for well over a month. today was an amusing sequence of alternating hot and cool winds.

ooh, wait! it’s actually raining. like, everything outside is all wet and stuff. gotta go look at this for a minute. …ok, not all that exciting. just, kinda different. and cool that i don’t have massive pain and fatigue from the humidity and the lowered pressure. well, i do have massive pain and fatigue, (and diminished compositional skills), but all that’s been there all along. think i know why now. more on that later. sometime. soonish.



did i mention that i’m tired now? no? ok, i’m tired now. um, have to leave one of these though, right?


and to all a g’nitie. thingi.

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115. more or less.


harvey had the cricket farm and i
got most of the rest.

they just stood there.
stock still.

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