all over the place. just like life. pretty much.

and again, then

where were we? was i?  at?  sorry, i’m screwin’ up fast as i can.  so ok, we kinda covered as far as the lumbar surgery.

081508…ooh, that was a way more difficult, painful, disabling experience than expected.  judging by others who’d just had similar procedure though, either mine wasn’t so rough, or i’m better at handling pain.  maybe deeper in denial.  “pain don’t hurt”.  kinda thing.  i’m initially stuck w a roommate who can’t handle it at all.  this comes to a head at 2am one morning when he starts yelling that he’s burning up because i turned off the ac.  he also phones his wife and demands that she come rescue and take care of him.  which she does, in about 30 minutes.  she apologizes for turning off the ac,  which she did before leaving, about 3 hours earlier.  anyway, we got him securely moved to another room, and succeeding roommates were more sane individuals, w less, apparently, painful recovery situations.  and after the first few days i can get around pretty much ok.  pretty much.  wheelchairs have that advantage.  but i’m still learning to walk.  it’s a bitch.  and, um, remember that one  (1) cigarette i was going to have after the surgery?  one.  had it.  it was good.  ahh, the second was even better.  so.  ok.  i made it thru 7  months.  as of this writing, i’m smoking 8 or 9 a day.  less if i can actually figure out something else to do.  and when they’re absolutely not available, i’m ok w that.  17 days in the rehab hospital.  learned to walk again.  and climb a few stairs.  not too many.  plus also, i got wheels.


112608…some days i use the walker.  it’s pretty much necessary for any serious  grocery shopping.  some days i just use a cane, from my little self-semi-carved collection.  only two falls so far.  none into traffic.  one close call on that.  this day i did about a quarter mile with neither.  just me, wobbling along.  slowly.

112708…started serious packing for the move to a real apartment.  lots of  bending and lifting and twisting.  not supposed to do those things.  gotta though.

120108…moving day.  more blt.  fell twice, once with a framed photo (gift from my son)(um, you can buy stuff there  too.  i mean, in case you should maybe want to.  he does good work, and he’s gonna be a star some day.  more sooner than later.) anyway, and a bottle of cuervo in the other.   so the strain that would have been eased by hands hitting the deck was all absorbed by knees and lower back.  back to using the walker pretty much full time for a couple weeks.  but my little apartment is nice.  worth the pain.

hmm.  i need to add some stuff from the laptop to the big external drive.  whole huge bunch of images that aren’t on the  desktop puter.  prolly break time anyway.  back soon.  really.  no, c’mon, trust me on this.


February 27, 2009 - Posted by | artnlifenstuff, me

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