all over the place. just like life. pretty much.

i nearly missed my bus stop

that’s what saved my life.

hmm. alternate.

knock, knock, knockin’ on heaven’s door
becoming painfully routine
could use a little work. coudn’ most all of us ? but srsly tho… that glossed over and rapidly forgotten pneumonia episode in january? yeah, that one.
system breakdown. happens when you ignore that stuff for too long. so, i dunno xakly what was breakin’ down, and i’ve lost track of the discharge papers, but much of the first 2 days in the er room (band-aid shop, some might say) i was unsure whether i was alive or dead. it was a bizarre experience with truly grade a evil nurses and comic relief balding bespectacled impossibly pink-skinned med students from european countries where “th” and “w” sounds are unknown.
well, anyway, i quit smoking. been 6 months now, not a single urge. tho i kinda plan to smoke one after the spine surgery. one. yes, really. and i’ll enjoy it.
see how i’m avoidin’ sayin’ that it coulda killed me? it. it. not sure. smokin’? nah. pneumonia? umm. stubbornness? ignoring/forgetting it for 6 weeks ‘cos i thought i had other important things i had to do? ah, well, been there some.
but that was then. one time thingi, one creepin’ up on death every couple years, there’s some precedent for that. twice in six months? triflingly excessive.
um, i’m still kinda tired, and i need to be up and out early in the mornin’.


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