all over the place. just like life. pretty much.

sucky but true

i figured out where my free, unsecured wireless network, internet connection is coming from. shoulda guessed it really. it’s, of course, the house to my left as i sit here, next house north. real nice people. and they don’t have any objection to the free ride i’ve received since june. they like me a lot. in fact, they’re gonna give me lotsa good stuff when they move out. saturday. maybe friday.


we’re pretty sure that those good things won’t include their internet connection, but, we’re lookin’ at the possibility. probability is tho, i’ll not be around here much, if at all, for maybe months. hope y’all don’t totally forget me. i’ll try, of course, to make frequent visits to the public library public wi-fi. and maybe we’ll be blessed with another open network moving in next door. maybe. who knows? (ceiling cat knows.)

all of which leaves major bits of catch up which will prolly never get. caught up. likethe long story behind the cancelled 24 hour eeg. somebody broke the machine. just before my scheduled date. so we did a simpler short eeg at the neuro office, instead of sending me out to ride home on the public transportation. and back the next day. considering the reality of the other regular riders, i might well have gone unnoticed anyway.


anyway. oh! hailstorm. as it were.


no, really. ok, you had to be there. it was comin’ down like, well, um, it was pretty exciting. in the moment, plummetting down all around like that. anyway. the snow swirl, separate event days later, or earlier maybe, was heavier, woulda made a good way short movie, but i was hurryin’ for the bus, late, i thought, for an appointment. and cold. maybe next year. maybe. there’s always, of course, tim.


i ‘xplained that right, about the name change? (s). well, anyway, it’s short and easy. all male grackles are now named tim. altho the tim formerly known as bob may be bob again soon. like next weel. prolly. hope i’m here, in webspace, to re’xplain. oh, and pancho is now and evermore miro. no change foreseen there he’s healing.


but then, what else would you expect, from a cat. you notice yet how i have nothing really to say? just so much blather. i am the very model of a modern major media dude. why am i, then, unknown?

blather and twaddle. plus also, it’s way way late and tomorrow (really, now, later today) i have appointment @ the pain clinic, for, i think, precision cortisone injection(s) to unpinch the major nerves runnin’ into/out of, the spinal area. this could be way good and more. we’ll see. g’nitie.

oh, hey, wait. i was gonna mention how like this is 7 weeks without smoking. i don’t miss the cigarette the smoke, the nicotine, at all. though they were good, while they were, and i have no regrets about, you know, what i did when i did it. sometimes though, i miss the process. little bit. nothin’ to worry ’bout, this too shall pass. jus’ thought i’d mention. 7 weeks. …. so, ok, nitie ag’in.






March 3, 2008 - Posted by | artnlifenstuff, linguiquest, me, nature thingies, wildlife


  1. kimmo, I hope hope you will get the free connection from the next nice folks who will move in and also that you will get the proper tests and meds and care you need so that you won’t look as miserable as in that photo with the thing on your head (actually looks a bit like I do in the morning).
    Bravo for becoming smoke-free. Wishing you more and more good things.
    Fab photo of Tim the bird.

    Comment by Natalie | March 3, 2008 | Reply

  2. actually, i thought i looked kinda cute. some sort of potential companion to the tom baker dr who.

    no, ok, that was one tight pulled outfit. i don’t do misery, but that was a definite “don’t extend the experience” experience.

    but you didn’t say anything about the hailstorm image! i could maybe circle and arrow the little hailstone, um, hailpebble, thingies. i think there’s about 8 of ’em.

    Comment by kimmi | March 3, 2008 | Reply

  3. I didn’t know they were hailstones/hailpebbles! Not the sort of thing normally seen in Vegas, is it?
    I hope the sun is out, not too hot, just right, and shining kindly upon you.

    Comment by Natalie | March 7, 2008 | Reply

  4. see, you just can’t escape that weather, kimmi! Great images. tim instead of bob. hmmm.

    Comment by Shirl | March 9, 2008 | Reply

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