all over the place. just like life. pretty much.

there was nothing.

i didn’t know there was nothing.

then i did know.

there was a woman, and a house, and a dog and a car. we were drinking coffee, much coffee, me and the woman and the dog, we were debating who would drive the car, then we were in a park with lots of trees and flowers and a stream running fast through it and i was now the woman and the dog a light beam and albert einstein * was sitting on the lightbeam with grandpa jones ** and ( ? ), they were all playing each others music.

then we all got in the car, all of us in the front, old style bench seat, me at the passenger side window, with cigarette, coffee and camera, all of them, the woman, the dog, the light beam, al and grandpa and ( ? ), taking turns at the wheel, driving us to…


*a fiddle player with some sorta interest in mozartiana.

**a banjo player with some radio and tv performances.

( ? )i dunno, was another someone but i couldn’t hold onto that. a musician, it would seem. me?

i don’t recall the date on this dream. recall says prolly in the last 2 years, maybe the last 14 months, here in las vegas.

anyway. newer business.

i smoked my first cigarette sometime in the spring or summer of 1957. it was good. i enjoyed it. much. i smoked my last cigarette sometime in the early morning hours of january 14, 2008. it was good. i enjoyed it. much. if i’d known it would be my last, i prolly woulda had two. too late now.

the moment is late, the net connection is wobbly, my arm friggin’ hurts,(srsly), more later. soon. g’nite.


February 23, 2008 - Posted by | artnlifenstuff, me

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  1. well kim! Welcome back . . . and congratulations on the no ciggies. That is one toughie to give up!

    Comment by Shirl | February 24, 2008 | Reply

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