all over the place. just like life. pretty much.

happy happy…

everything. including rollover into the new year. mine is lookin’ way good so far.

bobtbd9252.jpg doscatstbd9189.jpg

and busy. so far…

010208 2:00 pm – intake, history and all that, for the spinal doc dude. but no actual doctor contact. i’ll give them the report on last year’s lumbar mri. but more in a bit on that.

010308 2:00pm – echocardiogram & nuclear med stress test.

010808 2:00pm – actual doctor contact with the spinal dude. we can also discuss the report of year old imaging. but. we may reschedule. because next…

010808 5:45pm – mri imaging, brain and lumbar spine. and they send a taxi to pick me up. then give me valium. not claustrophobic, i just get a bit restless in the tube. sometimes.

011508 12:30pm – nerve conduction study and electromyogram. i don’t remember whether this is for arms or legs.

011708 12:30pm – whichever, this is the other.

020608 11:30am – 24 hour eeg. or should that be eek!? 24 hours walking around (or whatever) with tiny wires attached to tiny electroded recording the tiny (or whatever) electrical signals coming out of by brain. be fun if we could convert ’em to audio and work ’em into something musical. i’ll ask (if i remember). they’ll prolly think i’m weird. that’d be different, eh?

021408 3:00pm – new rheumatologist. finally. pretty certainly a swift return to enbrel.

so, better and better all the time. never had so much health care, and everyone, so far, seems professional and competent. not to mention, my neurologist is a babe! like to see her in some cheap clothing! oops. sorry. distracted by the pain. where were we?


ya know how, sometimes, folks just don’t seem to listen to ya? i’ve explained to him many times, yes, it’s good to share with other cats, yes it’s fine to be mr. deferential and sit back quietly while others feast. only, not with birds at the cat food dish. (ya’d think just the name of it would be a bit of a discouragement for them. wouldn’ ya?). anyway, the birds have their own dish, plusalso surprises in the tree crotch and several daily toss feedings…

anyway it’s nearly next year so, um, not sure what difference that makes, really. hmm. but like i said, it’s gonna be good. good a’ready. stay cool, stay happy, stay away from zombies.


December 31, 2007 - Posted by | artnlifenstuff, me, pancho, wildlife

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  1. That’s so true about the zombies.

    I hope you have a dandy year, Kim.

    Comment by pablo | January 1, 2008 | Reply

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