all over the place. just like life. pretty much.

eats like a bird

which begins to explain where the cat food was goin’ so fast.


bob is a great-tailed grackle dude. he has family, but seems to enjoy a little time w the boys, hangin’ w me n pancho. and food bits, of course.

leaves are variable. they’re losing green, and falling, but slowly. should speed up soon tho, nights are gettin’ cold. like, near freezing already.


just a thought. … saw a/seen by a new doc today. this one may be a keeper. may be. she’s promised the (finally!) referral to rheumatologist, so i can get some serious relief w the arthritis stuff. and one to neurologist. and cardiologist. and the one she was most way concerned with, which means i’m prolly gonna have to make the decision soon about back surgery or not. she seemed to think that walking is a very short term thing without it. but, she’s young. walking has been a rare experience so far this year, but i don’t expect to give it up any time soon.

whatever. i’m gonna sleep on it all. g’nitie.


December 11, 2007 - Posted by | me, nature thingies, wildlife

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