all over the place. just like life. pretty much.

i’m sick and tired

well, actually, the second is a symptom of the first. maybe better later. maybe.

meantime, here’s henri duparc, someone everyone should know about. that’s a clue.

these are 175×175 pixel squares

pctkimmioktbdsq883.jpg bluishbirdtbdsq6567.jpg pctkimmitbdsq884.jpg

let’s see what this hinky software does w that.


September 26, 2007 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. Dear Kim, I’m so sorry I’ve been neglecting you in recent times and so grateful that you haven’t followed my example. You know the reasons for my not visiting your cyberhome lately but anyway, let me reassure you of my ongoing friendship. The strength and good humor and concern for others that you manage to express in spite of all your personal worries is admirable and inspiring. I mean that sincerely and I send you buckets of the same love and prayers and giggles and strong vibes that you have been sending my way. May the Social Sec stuff be all in your favor and may the angels of health and happiness be working overtime on your behalf.

    Comment by angelicke | September 28, 2007 | Reply

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