all over the place. just like life. pretty much.

geography day

with not very good satellite images from… well, you know.

pablo noted in the previous post’s comments that he had been unaware of standing bodies of water in nevada.

and tjilpi did a post to which i responded, um, not all that well. like i never did that before, eh?

so, clarity and whatever. maybe. here goes.


that white line is the nevada/arizona border. it runs along the colorado river and across the middle, more or less, of lake mead. there’s a largish dam there, that has some good bit to do with the lake’s existence. one could argue whether it’s really a standing body of water. some, including those who were recently forced to abandon their formerly lakeside trailer park might be more inclined to note that it’s a dwindling body of water. the jagged light grey area on the left is the very high resolution area of the vegas map. then also…


tjilpi wrote about sewage ponds. well, sewerage ponds, he wrote. people in the commonwealth know how to spell grey, which is cool, but sometimes their words are still just longer than they really need to be. sometimes. so anyway, in response, i said “yes but”, when really i should have just said “no. not exactly”.

i think he may have been noting the ponds at the left edge of this image. been there, i know the place. it’s the city of henderson water reclamation facility and bird watching preserve. nice place.once you get past the rectangle. entrance drive is on the left. most, not all, of the back ponds are open for public viewing. til 3pm. it’s a homeland security thing. i dunno. maybe they figure that any terr’is’s in vegas would be out partyin’ on the strip til all hours, so water resources should be safe til mid afternoon. but not later, when the evil ones are all rested and sobered up. whatever. the facility operators claim it’s the second largest body of water in nevada.

which would make lake las vegas, at the right edge, third largest. could be. lake lv is a private lake, also man made, but based on the lv wash. which is that maybe bluish arc running from the left edge, thru lake lv and on to lake mead.

and then there’s the wetlands park. no sewage ponds in there. water that’s passed thru sewage ponds, prolly. not safe to drink, or touch. clean enough to linger near though. you can see a bit of the wash running along the northeast edge.



here’s a longer view. park is at the bottom right. wetlands park drive runs along the bottom there and hooks left by what looks like a sandy vacant lot. it’s a sandy vacant lot. the town is full of those.a right turn puts one on tropicana av. which eventually does its own arcish thing. then a right turn onto boulder highway. which runs to boulder city, where the dam workers lived. you’ll remember it used to be called boulder dam. til hoover died. or something. i should prolly look that up. anywayi said right turn. if you’re in boulder city you turned left. “sokay, lots of opportunities for legal u turns. so, going northwest, on the diagonal. you see that triangle that looks like a sandy vacant lot? used to be. now it’s a walmart super center, w a dusty parking lot. so just go on past it for now. see the little triangle just above that? gas station. the teeny white rectangle building avove that? walgreens, my local drugstore. and just above it,about 3 miles from the park, the suites at flamingo. i am there. yes, right now.

but it’s 8:30 pm, 69f/21c, 8% humidity, it’ll be 2am before you know it an’ then it’ll be 2am again.  i’m goin’ for a walk.  back later.



March 10, 2007 - Posted by | las vegas, nature thingies


  1. Sewage is what flows through the sewerage system. Sewage may include grey water from a washing machine, and anything which goes down a hole in a toilet, shower, or kitchen. Sewerage systems [pipes, pumps, ponds with mechanical stirrers] deal with sewage in different ways. The distinction is fine – but one worth making.

    I hope that has oriented you. You prolly say orientated, as Pablo says forcasted, when oriented and forcast are enough.

    We [he Royal Plural] are not profligate with our morphemes. Thank you.


    Comment by Tjilpi | March 10, 2007 | Reply

  2. 38.2C here, with 21% humidity. Swampy air con doesn’t work under those conditions. Making me hot under the collar. Good to know you’re in a safe enough place to go walking at 2 am. I wouldn’t do that in this town. Gangs of 15 year old aboriginal kids have taking to beating people up randomly at night time. Some put it down to the Finks Motor Cycle Club flooding the town with speed. I think it is the beginning of a period of increasing racial tension. 30% of the NT population is aboriginal. The other 70% are invaders.

    Comment by Tjilpi | March 10, 2007 | Reply

  3. i guess we just view the ponds in different ways. you see process, i see product. or did there, anyway. funny, scientist and artist, i’d expect the opposite.

    no, me, personally, i say neither orientated nor forecasted. nor profligate, ’cause somebody’d for sure get upset. think i was bein’ rude to catholics

    it’s still winter here. we’ll have those temps in a few months, with maybe lower humidity. i didn’t stay out til 2am, but it’s safe to do. there is some gang action, but limited, and seems mostly limited to their own neighborhoods. most dangerous thing here is crossing the street outside of the crosswalks. apparently, anyone who does that is fair game. three vehicles hit one pedestrian last week. he wasn’t in the crosswalk, so the first two drivers, (who left the scene) were questioned and released. third driver still unknown, but he’ll prolly walk too. if they figure out who he is.

    we’re all invaders here. ok, no, there’s a paiute reservation just north of downtown. i was there today to buy cheap cigarettes. there were 1 black and 5 white employees in the store. no obvious lookin’ paiutes. and one tribal cop, big black guy. i’ve watched racial tolerance developing in several places (so cal, pacific northwest, midwest and near midwest) but i’d never seen so much of what stands out here, a real strong racial “who gives a hoot?”. real nice. on the other hand, there are an estimated 14,000 (or is it now 18,000?) homeless individuals in the county,the whole place is based on the free flow of cash and economic tensions and prejudices are high and deep.

    oh, some of the tourists get dangerous too. but that passes.

    Comment by kimmi | March 11, 2007 | Reply

  4. My Dad used to quote the old Chinese saying “May you live in interesting times.”

    He did that often and the context varied.

    I’ve never had a bomb dropped in the middle of a circle of 5 blokes, only two of whom [do you think I should drop that ultimate “m”?] were left standing.

    He did.

    He died a year ago this coming Wednesday. But by the time you wake up it will only be Tuesday 😉 Mebbe. You seem to keep long RA hours. You might be with me at that time in spirit.

    Comment by Tjilpi | March 11, 2007 | Reply

  5. I say “forecasted”?

    Comment by pablo | March 11, 2007 | Reply

  6. Pablo – use the Search Engine on RRJ.

    Sorry to have to correct a NewsPaperMan 😉

    Comment by Tjilpi | March 11, 2007 | Reply

  7. tjilpi, who would say who when whom is called for. never could explain the rule, but i think i usually get it right.
    i’ve always kept longish hours. mebbe ’cause i try to stay up til i get something done. or til i wear out, which usually happens first.

    spirit will be there.

    pablo, not sure about speaking usage, but you wrote it. a few times.

    Comment by kimmi | March 11, 2007 | Reply

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