all over the place. just like life. pretty much.

my aorta is fine

and i’m still here. someone said “look at the camera and smirk”. or somethin’ similar. doin’ my best.


so, i ran out of blood pressure meds early last week. woke up with every intention to handle the matter, somehow, every day. didn’t get done. but the back was seeming stronger and more relaxed every day. saturday morning, 2:15, i sat up in bed and knew that i’d be visiting the er that day. if i could walk. not right away. i got in another 2 hours of needed sleep. then up at 4:15, got to the er by 7:30.

i want to marry the physician’s assistant who cared for me. or something. she explained what she was doing and why and made an effort to keep me as comfortable as possible while going thru her processes. so they gave me drugs to lower bp (207/124 to begin) did the obligatory eeg, did some labs and a catscan on the heart. all without panic or bullying or any of the fearful crap i got at that other hospital here. and i was not having nor have i had a heart attack. so we could deal w the real issues.

a heapin’ helping of morphine to go (1 hour nap before they’d let me walk out, ‘nother hour nap in my car before i broke my promise and drove myself home). (don’t tell). oh, also new scrips for soma and flexeril (plus the bp manager), so maybe this time, if i don’t push too hard, those back muscles can heal and we can get on with some other project. like finding some cash input before i end up as another homeless statistic.

ah, what else? almost every day has had some fun, that i intended to write about, but even this tiny bit of voice has been absent and i didn’t take very good notes. um, didn’t take any notes. so. been downtown a time or two since the last post (i think). been to the strip. i like downtown, it’s always busy but not too. don’t care for the strip in general, too many tourists who are totally unaware of other people on the sidewalk. and of course i’ve been back to wetlands park, though the back has so far limited me to just a tiny portion near the front of the park.

but that’s where i learned about verdins. i haven’t actually seen one. seen their nests. and seen places where nests had been but were no more. i thought maybe folks were taking them home as souvenirs, ’cause they’re built low enough (6 feet or lower) for grabbing. but a little reading suggests that, no, they disappear without human help. oh, yes, a hopefully acceptable nest pic. full roof on top, with an entry on the side or bottom.


and here’s a tree just because.


on that, peace, and a real g’nitie.


February 14, 2007 - Posted by | las vegas, nature thingies


  1. You are looking healthier and happer! I’m glad you found someone that would actually take care of your issues properly. It’s a step in the right direction anyways! Missin’ ya!

    Comment by Linda | February 14, 2007 | Reply

  2. I echo Linda’s words. Happy aorta to you kim, keep that heart strong and kind and full of the joy of life, that’s the best valentine, without the crap.

    Comment by Natalie | February 14, 2007 | Reply

  3. Yep, glad to hear they’re pieceing you back together.

    Comment by pablo | February 15, 2007 | Reply

  4. Knock, knock. U there?

    Comment by Tjilpi | February 28, 2007 | Reply

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