all over the place. just like life. pretty much.

this is a test. did i say that before?

well, it is. i’m not at all comfortable with wp dot com. intention was, and is, to use wordpress for the daily whatever at kimvox. may get around to that. likely, sooner, when working w this interface becomes familiar i’ll move it over to kimvox and go from there.

meantime, hi. blogger sucks. did i mention that? it’s broken,maybe the past nearly 4 years will remain in place over there, maybe not. but we carry on in peace. for now, we do it from here.

so,like, health care in nevada? scary! so far. mostly. i went to the local urgent care place on december 23, cuz it seemed past time to do something about my aching back. they didn’t do anything, but i did get set up with an appointment to establish a working primary care physician setup, on january 4.

december 29 back to urgent care. this time they allowed me a steroid injection in the hip. and took some cash. pain eased a bit and range of motion increased a bit over the next few days. til january 4. the expected new physician decided i was having or about to have a massive heart attack. (i was there, in part, to get effective blood pressure meds.) he wouldn’t hear anything about my real issues. must rush me off to hospital to save my life. oh, after collecting from me some cash.

so, ok, go to hospital, have my life saved in a timely manner, get meds for bp and the back probs. i can do that. whatever. long, long ambulance ride way across town to university medical center (umc). if you happen to live in vegas the rest prolly won’t surprise you. surprised me. 22 hours on a gurney in er, no pain relief of any sort. couple pills that were supposed to lower my blood pressure though noone eexplained how they were supposed to do that against increasing pain and stress. so went thursday evening, friday before noon i left, against medical advice, or whatever they call it. it was a bit difficult to understand exactly all the er doc was angrily spitting out. he did agree though, after repeated requests, to write me some effective bp meds. much better now on that issue. but no effective addressing of the back concerns. he gave me a script for percocet, pain relief, yes, but not as effective as the aspirin/codeine i already have, and no clues about how to actually fix whatever.

oh, yeah, also, thursday’s high temp was like high 50’s or low 60’s. friday’s high was 20 degrees cooler. i was dressed for thursday. and about 12 miles from my car. tried to do it by bus, but between pain and fatigue and hunger and bein’ still kinda new here, i missed my stop. multiple times. but, eventually, i managed to taxi to my car, (tipped excessively, i’m sure), and drove home. got the bp down but pain and disfunction increaaed daily.

so. yesterday, when we reached the level of distress immediatey preceeding the inability to drive, i drove 3.5 miles down the road to desert springs hospital er. nice people. really. caring people. efficient people. massive amounts of dilauded in the butt (muscle). massive decrease in pain, which of course makes the remainder so much easier to deal with. appropriate meds (muscle relaxers) to followup. and reminders that lots of bed rest is good. which reminds me.


that’s a not very good foto of a great-tailed grackle and some wet rocks. can you say grackle? fun, innit?

so anyway, it’s way late, bed rest is way overdue, i’m not sure this is gonna post right b ut we’ll just do it and see ang go from theree, ok?

peace be all upon ya. cuz it’s cool. and proper.


January 18, 2007 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. i dunno what’s w the flickr oddness. i’ll check it 2moro. um, later today.

    Comment by kimmi | January 18, 2007 | Reply

  2. feel free to ignore the sonific widget for now. it seems like a cool piece, but not with the default music. should be better in a couple days. if we have internet for those couple days. more on that soon.

    Comment by kimmi | January 18, 2007 | Reply

  3. ok, made a change to the sonific widget. your opinions welcome.

    Comment by kimmi | January 18, 2007 | Reply

  4. Sorry about your aching back. I thought the move to NV was supposed to address some of that. I use wordpress for my blog, but I have my clever son in law do all of the behind the scenes programming work for me.

    Comment by pablo | January 19, 2007 | Reply

  5. Ah, I read this after reading the other later posts. Sorry to hear that things went so badly with the medicos. Even though I am on leave, I have been working. Boyfried of sax playing daughter of Marg works as a tour guide driving people through the deserts of Western Australia. He arrived in the Alice last night after falling off the top of the huge truck in which he drives foreign tourists around.He is an ex-paratrooper; but landed on his heels badly and looks like he may have done in a scaphoid. At the ER now getting radiation shot through him.

    Comment by Tjilpi | January 22, 2007 | Reply

  6. tjilpi, i think i had a few bad landings early in life. did i mention the severe spinal stenosis? so i shouldn’t really be surprised by the current problem, but i just really expected i’d have more time to get basic things together here.

    Comment by kimmi | January 22, 2007 | Reply

  7. No you hadn’t mentioned the spinal stenosis. I guess you’ve got the warmer weather to look forward to. I’ve got a few patients who moved here on purpose for OA / RA. I’ve got a feeling that the lower humidity has something to do with the improvement they feel; cause even though it gets cold in winter they still say they are better off than in the cold wet climates of Melbourne or Adelaide.

    How did the bad landings happen? I’ve had a couple in gliders – but fortunately no bad enough to break me or the glider.

    I received a recent piece from the Gliding Federation on how to achieve better landings. The bloke ended it with “Take offs are optional; but landings are mandatory!”

    [PS I really like the way ‘fluff’ remembers me. I had so many comments eaten by enetation that you probably didn’t receive a 100 or so.]

    Comment by Tjilpi | January 22, 2007 | Reply

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